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  • The CreatBot F430 3D printer is equipped with dual extruders, providing flexibility for your application.
  • The left 260°C hotend can print with PLA, ABS, PC, Nylon, Carbon Fiber, Flexible, and more.
  • The right 420°C hotend made of martensite steel and able to print high-performance materials, such as PEEK, ULTEM, and more.
  • Printing accuracy up to 0.04 mm and speed up to 120 mm/s.
  • Constructed with a whole steel body, ensuring full stability and longevity.
  • The CreatBot F430 3D printer offers a sustainable and efficient printing operation.
  • Featuring fully enclosed doors and a 70°C hot chamber, reducing noise and blocking external interfering.
  • Equipped with filament detection and outage restoration. It saves print data and continuous from the last stopped point after power is restored.
  • Easy all-touch screen menu that is user friendly.
  • The CreatBot F430 3D printer is designed with a high-thermal-efficient glass ceramic platform and removable carbon fiber sheet.
  • Advanced air filter system provides safe environmental protection by absorbing impurities from printing certain filament—ideal for houses, schools, office spaces, and more.
  • Featuring an automatic leveling platform.

CreatBot-F430-PEEK-Filament-Large-Professional-Desktop-3D Printer

CreatBot F430 High Precision & High Speed 3D Printer CreatBot F430 High Stability 3D Printer

CreatBot F430 Fully Enclosed with Hot Chamber 70°C 3D PrinterCreatBot F430 3D Printer with Outage Restore & Filament Detection FunctionCreatBot F430 3D Printer Touch ScreenCreatBot_F430_3D_Printer_Glass-Ceramic_PlatformCreatBot F430 3D Printer with Air Filter SystemCreatBot F430 3D Printer with Automatic Leveling PlatformCreatBot F430 Support PEEK Filament Large Desktop 3D Printer



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